Nemanja Nikolić (born 1987) graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2010, department of Painting. He finished his PhD studies at the same faculty in 2019. He has presented his works on solo exhibitions since 2010: in the Art Gallery of the Cultural Center of Belgrade, Gallery Dix9 Helene Lachermoise in Paris, Belgrade Youth Center, Rima Gallery in Kragujevac, U10 Art Space in Belgrade, etc. He has participated in a number of group exhibitions in the country and abroad: Caixa Forum in Madrid and Barcelona, Kunsthal KadE in Amersfoort in the Netherlands, Kunstlerhaus in Vienna, 56th and 57th October Salon in Belgrade (Belgrade Biennale), Center for Contemporary Art of Montenegro, etc. From 2018 he works on Faculty of Fine Arts as assistent profesor.

He has won several art awards, such as Award for drawing from Vladimir Veličković Fund, special award for mural and wall installation from Raiffeisen Bank and Gallery 12HUB and Award for an exceptional creative innovation from Miloš Bajić Fund. His works featured in many private and public collections including ABN AMRO collection in Amsterdam, The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Los Angeles, WAP Foundation in Seoul, Ekard Collection in Hague, JMS collection in Paris, Collection of October Salon (Cultural Center of Belgrade), Wiener Städtische collection, Telenor Collection in Belgrade etc.

Nemanja Nikolić is initiator of Belgrade based U10 Art Space. Lives and works in Belgrade.

Selected solo shows:

2019 – Sketch for One Erasable Plot, Galerie DIX9, Paris

2019 – The Palace of Time and Memory, Petrovic Palace The Center for Contemporary Art, Podgorica

2019 – Vanishing Fiction, Galerie ERD, Seoul

2018 – Vanishing Fiction, U10 Art Space, Belgrade

2018 – Field of Teleportation, Belgrade Youth Center, Belgrade

2018 – It’s ok. Go, Navigator Art Gallery, Belgrade

2018 – New Paintings, Rima Gallery, Kragujevac (Serbia)

2017 – Samples of the Liquid Book, Galerie DIX9, Paris

2017 – Volta New York, Galerie DIX9, New York

2017 – Code Art Fair, Galerie DIX9, Copenhagen

2017 – Contemporary Istanbul, Galerie DIX9, Istanbul

2017 – Trains Planes Waves Hands, MKM4, Belgrade

2016 – UNTITLED Art Fair, Galerie DIX9, Miami Beach

2016 – Instead of the Ending, Cultural Center of Kragujevac, Kragujevac

2015 – Instead of the Ending, Cultural Center of Belgrade, Belgrade

2015 – Samples of the Liquid Book, U10 Art Space, Belgrade

2012 – Visible Things, U10 Art Space, Belgrade

Selected group shows:

2019 – Shared Meanings (curator Miloš Zec), Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana

2018 – Chalk (curator Judith Van Meeuwen), Kunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort (Nederlands)

2018 – 57th October Salon (Belgrade Biennale), curated by Gunnar & Danielle Kvaran, Belgrade

2018 – First Biennale of Young Artists ART EX-YU (curated by Sava Stepanov), The Center for Contemporary Art of Montenegro, Podgorica (Montenegro)

2018  – Art Rotterdam, Galerie Dix9 , Rotterdam

2018 – U10 in aqb, aqb Project Space, Budapest (Hungary)

2018  – Anatomy of the Flight (curated by Milica Lapcevic), Aeronautical Museum, Belgrade

2017 – Art and Film,120 years of Exchange (curator Dominique Paini), CaixaForum Madrid

2017 – Drawing Now Paris (11), Galerie Dix9, Paris

2016 – romANTIsch (curators Stella Bach and Claudia Maria), Künstlerhaus, Vienna

2016 – Art and Film, 120 years of Exchange (curator Dominique Paini), Caixa Forum Barcelona

2016 – 56 October Salon, The Pleasure of Love (curator David Elliott), Belgrade

2016 – Drawing Now Paris (10), Galerie Dix9, Paris

2016 – Book Memories, Galerie Dix9 Helene Lacharmoise, Paris

2016 – Liber Numericus, Stereolux / Platforme Intermedia, Nantes

2016 – (Para)matters of Perception, / U10 art Collective, Project Space (Projektraum), Uqbar, Berlin

2016 – (Para)matters of Perception, / U10 art Collective, Galllery of Valentin Vodnik, Ljubljana

2015 – Liste Art Fair, U10, Basel

2015 – Parallel, U10, Vienna

2015 – Constellation (Curated by Svetlana Montua), Serbian Cultural Center in Paris

2015 – Art Market, U10, Budapest

2013/2014 – Ex-ordinary, No Borders No Nation, City gallery Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo; U10 Art Space, Belgrade; Center for Contemporary Art Montenegro, Podgorica

2013 – Mixer Festival, Thrill in Movement, About and Around Curating, , Belgrade

2013 – From – to, MKM4, Belgrade

2013 – Hard to be… Within the Time (curator Biljana Tomić), Geozavod, Belgrade

2012 – Bound (curated by Sofia Touboura, Maria Lianou, Nana Sachini), OpenShowstudio, Athens

2012 – Mixer Festival, The most beautiful building (curated by Milica Pekić and Ana Adamović), Belgrade

2012 – What I’m doing, MKM4, Belgrade

2011 – Transform in Art Education, National Academy of Art, Sofia

2011 – Drawings (curated by Dejan Grba), Goethe-Institut, Belgrade

2010 – Through drawing (curated by Miroslav Karić), MKM4, Belgrade


2013 – Special Award for mural and wall installation, New Wall contest,  Raiffeisen Bank and Gallery 12HUB

2011 – Award for drawing, Vladimir Veličković Fund

2009 – Award for an creative innovation, Miloš Bajić Fund

2009 – Award for drawing, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade

2007 – Award for drawing, Evening Nude class, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade

Public collections:

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, Los Angeles

ABN AMRO collection, Amsterdam

WAP Foundation, Seoul

The Ekard Collection, Hague

Telenor Collection, Belgrade

Collection of October Salon, Cultural Center of Belgrade, Belgrade

Wiener Städtische collection, Belgrade

JMS collection, Paris