Panic Box

Panic Box, sound video, loop, 2013

Authors of the text: Amalija Stojisavljević and Tanja Đorđević (Text from catalog of the exhibition Thrill in Movement, About and Around Curating, Mixer Festival, 2013)

Panic Box is an animated video which is inspired by a short segment of a Hitchcock’s film The Birds. In fact, it is a very short sequence in which Melanie (Tippi Hedren), who is locked in a telephone box, is frantically defending from the birds. Discussing with François Truffaut, Alfred Hitchcock said: ‘the more successful the villain, the more successful the picture.’ Panic Box is quoting Hitchcock’s famous scene, only without villains, in this case, the birds. In this way, to the recipient is offered just a point of view of the villain.

Every frame is separately drawn with pencil on paper, and then digitally transposed into a sound video, i.e. animation. With a simple intervention in the process of montage, the affective movement by the main protagonist is turned into an endless motion.