Samples Of The Liquid Book, 2015/17

Samples of the Liquid Book 

On the formal level my paintings are a continuation of the practice of abstract and minimal art. By referring to the works of other artists and with special emphasis on modernist tendencies of the early twentieth century, I am trying to develop a language that examines the possibilities of the medium itself and its perception of the image but also the potential that I think geometric abstraction can offer today.

On an ideological level, my inspiration comes from the avant-garde practice of Yugoslav artists with a focus on experimental research in the field of moving images. Especially important for my painting practice were the drawings – diagrams by Slobodan Šijan – In the rhythm of Howard Hawks (1974) and In the rhythm of John Ford (1974) in which he attempted to deconstruct practice of well known film directors by making a series of abstract drawings.

In this way I started to develop my own way of transposing audio-visual elements that movie is made of, using the language of geometric abstraction and spatial installations. My focus was not on film narrative or story, but rather on the cinematic codes: frame, cut and rhythm of their mutual alteration. Some of the works that are displayed at the exhibition Samples of the Liquid Book find their starting point in films such as Vertigo (Alfred Hitchcock, 1958), North by Northwest (Alfred Hitchcock 1959), The French Connection (William Friedkin, 1971) etc. However, the most of works in this exhibition are named Untitled because I didn’t want to suggest to the viewer specific films, directors and composers of film scores, I wanted to avoid a direct suggestion and let the observer come to his own understanding of works. I deeply believe that the true meaning of a work of art is not in the author’s pre-conceived concept but the real meaning should be sought in the process of individual involvement of every visitor of the exhibition. And then according to his mood, preferences for music, literature, sense of humor, he (the visitor) will come to different conclusions.

The exhibition Samples of the Liquid Book is created as a spatial installation whose visual and conceptual content makes it possible for conscious and / or unconscious self-examination that include motifs such as time, rhythm, light and darkness.